SheetMetal Solutions Ltd excel in the supply of subcontract fully fabricated components to a range of industries covering Point of Sale, Electrical & Electronics, Shopfitting, Retail Display & Medical. We also offer specific specialist services to the trade including Combination Fibre Laser and Punch Work, Powder Coating and Fabrication.

What Sets Us Apart?

We Care.

Yes, that’s a very short very concise answer but it’s the truth. Everything else is either a result of that caring or window dressing.

We care about our people. We value their contributions and we try to both look after them and ensure that they have the skills, training and development to ensure the long-term sustainability of the company. This also means that they care as it’s a two-way transaction, and that is reflected in the work they produce and their attitude towards to their jobs.

We care about our clients. We apply the same ethical standards to our clients as we do our suppliers but in these relationships trust is King. Our Clients need complete trust that what we do for them stays confidential, ongoing mutual trust is the key to successful partnerships and our clients need to know that their information is safe. We will always declare any conflict of interest as soon as it becomes apparent and will never deal directly with “A Client’s Client” without their express knowledge and blessing.

We care... more

We care about our equipment. No matter how good the workforce they need to be given the best tools available to do their jobs. This can be clearly seen by the levels of reinvestment that we commit to and the fact that we are operating with the very latest and very best machinery that is available to the industry.

We care about what we make. Very few products will ever leave our premises that haven’t been handled, overseen or checked by someone at the very top. This is because it’s our reputation on the line with every product that goes out the door. It also means we can flag up any design issues as early as possible and offer an opinion from someone with a true understanding of both the client requirements and the limitations of the manufacturing process.

We care about our reputation; both Owners and Directors of the Company are very much hands on. Between them they will always be first in in the morning and last home at night, if the doors are open and the lights are on you can be almost certain that at least one of them will be on site. To us it’s not just our job, our company, or even our livelihood, it’s more than that.

Who do we work for?

Put bluntly, we won’t and often can’t tell you.

If you’re one of our competitors having nosey then unlucky, if you’re an existing client catching up then rest assured your secret is safe with us, and if you’re a prospective client looking for reassurance then we’re sorry.

The best we can do is offer you an assurance that if you’ve stepped in a major shop or driven any distance down a road in the last few days then we can almost guarantee you’ve seen something we made.

We don’t get away much, but when we do we find it almost therapeutic to wander around the air side shops of major airports playing “spot the product” our friends and family rapidly bore of us, but we enjoy it and it helps while away the delays.