Coming out the other Side

Well we’re all still here and to date all still as healthy as we were at the start of this!

Firstly, our condolences go out to any of you who have been personally affected by this Pandemic, we are experiencing times unlike we have ever seen before and everyone is learning as we go. The losses have been tragic, and the effects will be felt for a long time to come.

So, how’s it been for us?

To start with it was manic, then it slowed, then it stopped. By the middle of May we found ourselves in the unheard-of position of not operating anywhere near capacity. The NHS panics had finished and everyone else was just sat waiting and unable to work. Orders were drying up.

So, we’ve turned our skills to other things. For the first time we’ve started manufacturing saleable products in our own right, before now we’ve always manufactured as sub contractors to other people’s requirements but when needs must and all that.

To date they’re actually being received very well and are selling to clients both new and existing.

So who wants some Sanitiser Stations?

Just “Contact Us

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