Now Powder Coating with “BioCote” Antimicrobial Powders

It’s the flavour of month and everybody wants it. They don’t always know why they want it or even if it will work but it seems that overnight everyone has become a Microbiologist and Epidemiologist. Let’s be honest and admit that only a couple of months ago most of didn’t even know what those jobs were!

Well, out little contribution is to let you know that people with considerably bigger brains than us humble metal bashers have come up with some magical fairy dust that we can sprinkle away with and it kills the bad stuff. There are many, many, more informed and educated explanations for quite what “Antimicrobial” additives are and how the achieve their goal but those explanations are beyond us.

So what we’ll say is, yes, yes we can get it, yes we can paint with it, yes it lasts for a long time (the life of the powder), yes it works, yes it is a bit more expensive, and yes they can prove it does. Oh and any colour you want as long as it’s white is off the shelf and the rest of the RAL range takes a bit longer and is subject to minimum quantities.

At that point we’ll bow out and leave you with some links to the Boffins to explain some more.

Magical Fairy Dust

Does it work on Coronavirus

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